Cabinets, Brackets and Assorted Products

It has always been our goal to fulfill the fire and safety needs of all our customers and to aid them in controlling costs associated with all aspects of workplace safety. In order to do this, we carry a large selection of brackets, cabinets, signs and other fire protection equipment.


Fire extinguisher cabinets come in several styles. Cabinets can be used outside to protect your fire equipment from the weather and theft, or an attractive cabinet can be used inside your office space to minimize the “fire extinguisher look”.


There are many kinds of mounting brackets. Wherever your fire extinguisher needs mounted, whether it’s a simple wall hook or a heavy duty bracket for heavy equipment, we have you covered.


Signs help draw attention to the location of a fire extinguisher. Often arrow locator signs are mounted high above a fire extinguisher allowing those around to easily find the fire extinguisher.

We would love to answer any questions that you might have regarding our products or services.

If you need a specific item not in inventory, we can order it for you!