Fire Extinguishers for Boats

If you are looking for more opportunities to service and sell portable fire extinguishers, look no further than your local boatyard, marina, or yacht club. Consider offering to do a safety check of boats to make sure they are up to date with the most recent Coast Guard (USCG) regulations (46 CFR 25.30).

As of August 22, 2016, all replacement extinguishers must meet the new regulations. You’d be surprised at how many boat owners are looking for the best in safety for themselves, their families, and friends.

For new vessels, USCG no longer requires B-I and B-II rated extinguishers. Those have been replaced by 5-B and 20-B rated extinguishers. Also CFR 25.30-80 mandates that any replacement extinguishers comply with regulations for new vessels. That means that any extinguishers that are no longer serviceable be replaced: B-I extinguishers must be replaced by 5-B rated extinguishers, and B-II extinguishers must be replaced by 20-B rated extinguishers.

Remember, this only applies if extinguishers are being replaced. Existing B-I and B-II extinguishers can continue to be serviced.

Most boat owners will want economical ABC dry chemical extinguishers, but owners with expensive boats will appreciate having Halotron™ I clean agent extinguishers.

Safety on the water is paramount for the USCG and boat owners. Make sure to explain the different attributes of the extinguishing agents (economical vs. clean agent). Offer to install the extinguishers that match the boat owner’s needs and the hazards aboard the boat. Your knowledge of USCG criteria will ensure the highest level of safety, protect the owner’s investment, and improve your bottom line.