Emergency Lights and Exit Signs

Don’t leave your people in the dark!

A power failure or loss of light at your workplace can be dangerous for your employees and customers. Even momentary panic or confusion can result in personal injury or property damage.

Proper emergency lighting and exit signs are essential to keeping order and enabling safe and timely evacuation of your premises.

Keeping emergency lighting and exit signs in proper working condition is an ongoing responsibility.

Make sure your emergency lighting and exit signs are in working order before they’re needed.

Fire Pro can provide you with inspections, testing maintenance so that you can be confident that if the
lights go out, your lighting and signs will lead your employees and customers safely out of your building.


Find Emergency Lighting in Las Vegas or Southern Utah

We can help with your emergency lighting needs in Las Vegas or Southern Utah. To ensure that it is functioning properly and effectively, so that should an emergency arise you’ll have few things to worry about. We’ll test to ensure that your exit signs and emergency lighting are all in working order.

We are also able to maintain and replace faulty emergency lighting. This will give you the confidence you need to know that your customers and employees will have all of the tools necessary to get themselves out of a compromising situation.

Often, the need to have properly working emergency lighting in commercial buildings, apartment complexes and elsewhere, is overlooked. It is mostly overlooked because it is so rarely used, but while rare, when needed it is critical.